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Verizon Outgoing Mail Server Settings
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General Email Setup Information:

In all Mail setups, when you are asked to enter the SMTP server (, you will be asked via button or prompt whether your server requires authentication. In this box click yes (check it off) and a configuration box will appear. It will ask for:

Username: (verizon username. is not required)
Password: (verizon password)

Then it will have an option to save password, which you may want to check off to eliminate repetitious entering of this information.

If asked about secure password authentication leave it blank.

Settings for Outlook Express and Outlook

Outlook Express:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go up to Tools
  3. Go down to Accounts
  4. When the box appears click on the tab labeled Mail
  5. Double click on your email account
  6. Click on the tab labeled Servers
  7. In the bottom box that is labeled SMTP, put in the server address (For Outlook 2003 Try POP: and SMTP:
  8. Then below the box, put a check in the box that says My Server Requires Authentication
  9. This will then highlight a button to the right that is labeled Settings. Click on this.
  10. It will pop up another box. Put a check in the box labeled Log on Using.
  11. Fill in your Verizon username and password.
  12. Put a check in the box Save password.
  13. Then click ok.
  14. Exit out of the rest of the current windows and close Outlook Express.
  15. Reopen the program and you will be ready to go.

Micrsoft Outlook:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Email Accounts
  3. Click on Change/View existing accounts
  4. Double click the email account
  5. Bring up the primary screen where all settings are shown.
  6. Right next to the outgoing server settings you will see the option for authentication. Check it.
  7. Then modify the settings the same as Outlook Express.
  8. Close out of the windows making sure to save changes.

Verizon used to also require that on the General tab of Outlook Express, and the Personal Settings tab of most other email clients, that in the Email Address field (Note: not the Reply to Field) you place your verizon email address (i.e. It appears that this is no longer required. But if you have done everything according to the directions above and your mail is not working for some reason, try filling in the Email Address blank.



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